Team Size:  2
Engine:  Unreal Engine 4
Time:  2 Weeks 
Design goal:  Create a fluid movement system


  • Singleplayer

  • First-person action


My contributions

Gameplay design

I designed the overall mechanics and gameplay loop for the game.


I did all the animations in the game.

Blueprint scripting

I scripted most mechanics in the game.

3D - Modeling

I modeled the hands and the sword for the character.


I developed Adrenarush during a 2-week prototyping course at Futuregame together with another student. It is a first-person fast-paced action prototype inspired by the game Ghostrunner.​ Our main goal with this project was to create a  fluid movement system. The system included mechanics such as slide, dash, and double jump. With these, we aimed to create a smooth experience for the player.


Ledge grabbing

Since we wanted to give the player a smooth experience we found it important to not punish small mistakes like falling short when jumping up on a ledge. We therefore implemented an automatic ledge grab which grabs on to a ledge if you fall short. When you then press the spacebar you climb up the wall. 


The importance of animation

For the player to really experience the fluidity of the movement system we found that only movement was not enough. We found that animations is a big part of what adds to the overall experience. 

I, therefore, made animations that further conveyed what was happening at the screen. 


Graphic style

We also noticed that the graphical style mattered, fast movement with more streamlined assets conveyed the feeling of moving more freely better.

I made the assets to fit that streamlined feel.