Team Size:  2
Engine:  Unreal Engine 4 
Time:  2.5 Weeks
Design goal:  Create darksouls with guns ;)


  • Singleplayer

  • TPS

  • Soulslike


My contributions

Combat design

I was responsible for the combat which meant designing the player/enemy combat mechanics.

Gameplay design

I designed the overall mechanics and gameplay. 

Blueprint scripting

I scripted most mechanics related to combat and movement.

AI- Programming

I did all the AI programming/ scripting.


I did additional animations for the monster.


Darkbound is a third-person souls-like action prototype made in two and a half weeks.

We intended to create a game that fell somewhere between Darksouls and a shooter. We wanted that heavy feel of trading blows with your enemy and earning your win.

I made this prototype to increase my knowledge in enemy design, combat design and AI scripting.

AI-Combat &

enemy Design

The enemy has a few built-in behaviors, such as patrolling along a set path, attacking and reacting to the player's behavior. For example, if the player shoots the enemy it staggers. This stagger only happens when the hit deals over a certain amount of damage.

Since the player has a ranged weapon it was important that the enemy didn't become useless due to this and I choose to focus on fast movement and maneuverability.

The AI has three different attacks which it does in succession.

  • Run and attack.

  • Lunge attack

  • Spit attack

The enemy has three states after each attack:

  • "blocked"

  • "attack failed"

  • "attack success"

The enemy adapts to the situation. For example if the attack got blocked, both enemy and player should stagger. 

The enemy will stagger longer than the player, giving the player an opening to get in a close-range attack.

Concept for enemy design.

Enemy reactions



I made a few additional animations to our enemy character such as a spit attack, idle and hit reaction animation. This in order to get more feedback for the combat.