12 (programming, design, 3D, 2D) 
Unreal Engine 4 
4 Weeks 
Combine two sports into one game (baseball, dodgeball).




Team Size: 



Design goal: 




My contributions

 Level Design 

I was responsible for the layout, flow of the map and the balance of the gameplay.

Gameplay design

I was tasked to design the overall mechanics and gameplay loop for the game and how to tie it in with the design pillars.


I created the story and supported it with narrative level design and worldbuilding. 

AI- Programming

I did most scripting and behaviourtrees for the enemy.

Combat design

I was responsible for the combat which meant designing the encounters and the player/enemy combat mechanics.

Creative vision

I was responsible for making sure all parts of the game worked as a whole. I made sure art, design and mechanics all fit the creative vision.


Kid Fury vs. The Dodgeballians is a single-player top-down action game for PC.

Robots have attacked the earth and your dad has been kidnapped. Its time for you to be brave and take on the alien robots and save your dad. Together with your trusty baseball bat, fight waves of enemies in this pinball inspired game as you battle your way through your once so peaceful town.

Design pillars






Combatdesign / AI-Scripting 

Thinking behind the design 

The thinking behind the enemy design was that they should all be quite simple on their own, this is for them to work in numbers without becoming overpowering to the player.

We wanted the focus the gameplay on dodging and hitting the projectiles. To achieve this we made sure the only way to damage the enemy was to hit the projectiles back. If you try to hit them directly with the bat they don't lose HP and you get pushed back.


 Basic Enemy aka "Norm" 

"Norm" is designed in a way so it keeps distance from the player,  this way the player will have time to avoid the projectiles since they will have travel time.

  • Speed: slow

  • Health:  low 

  • Projectile difficulty: low 

 Fast Enemy aka " Speedy" 

"Speedy" also keeps its distance just like the basic enemy.

It also repositions itself in a strafing motion to confuse the player.

  • Speed: fast

  • Health:  medium 

  • Projectile difficulty: medium

 Slow Enemy aka "Chonky" 

"Chonky" moves slowly and has a set track in which it moves. Before each move it checks its desired point to move to and checks if the player is overlapping it, if that is true it chooses another point to move to.

  • Speed: slow

  • Health:  high

  • Projectile difficulty: high


Level Design

Level Layout

The map is linear and built around the combat arenas to create a satisfying level in which there is room to develop an environmental narrative at the same time having the gameplay in focus.

Breaking up the linear path with turns and bends. Since the camera is fixed this also creates variation to the encounters.

With a variety of combat arenas with connecting pathways leading to the next, we give the player a good mix of intense action and a chance to collect themselves and take in the world.

Since the arenas needed to be flat ( See Combat arenas ) we felt it necessary to play with height in the level.


Inside the arenas, navigational obstacles such as rivers and crevasses give a sense of depth without changing the height. It also 

make the arenas more challenging to the player. 

Outside the arenas, there are inclines and huge lookout points foreshadowing what's to come.


 Top-down Level 

- Combat Arenas

- Tutorial area

 Combat Arenas 

The game centers around projectiles and hitting them back, therefore the arenas had to be as flat as possible, and quite open.

To balance the empty space navigational obstacles force the player to keep track of their position and the enemy's projectiles which ramps up the intensity of the combat.


To not give the enemies to many advantages there also obstacles that also serve as covers in which the player can take hide behind and get a bit of breathing room.


When the player enters the combat arenas the audio changes, hard gates are set up around the arena and forces the player to remain. This heightens tension since the player can't run and has to fight.

To keep the player on edge, the enemies spawn in from the sky with a beam of light emitted to show the player their location shortly before they show up. This also strengthens the narrative of the aliens invading.

As a nod to space invaders and old-school games, they spawn in waves, and each encounter has a certain amount of waves and enemies

jpg (2).jpg


This is a 10 - 15 min game, it was, therefore, important that we kept up the momentum throughout the playtime.

We accomplish this by constantly building the intensity within the combat arenas.

playtesting we figured out the optimal way of doing it was a slow start and ramping it up after only three encounters, going down in intensity while keeping the player on their toes before the final  Arena.