Not So "Super"-Stardust

Team Size:  1
Engine:  Unity 
Time:  1.5 Weeks 
Period:  march 
Design goal:  Create a asteroid game in Unity 


  • Singleplayer

  • Highscore based shooter


My contributions

Gameplay design

I designed the game, based on "Superstardust" & "Asteroids".


I did all the programming in this prototype.


This game was developed in two weeks during an introductory course in Unity.

The goal was to remake the classic game Asteroids. 

Since I had prior knowledge in c# i wanted to challenge myself and decided to do something different but within the guidelines of the assignment.

I wanted to try and make a game with spherical worlds where you move around a globe, inspired by
Superstardust. This project gave me more insight into vectors and how they work within a game production context.

Fake Gravity

There are 3 scripts to make the player move around the planet.

The Gravity  attractor is the main script that uses vectors to calculate a direction  from the attractor and the body and aligns the body, it also adds a force to the body to keep it on the surface.


The Gravity body holds the info and calls the body to update its position.

Lastly, the
Player controller just moves in X and Y directions based on the body, and since the body now rotates with the attractor that's all that is needed to follow the arc.